COVID-19 and Cass City United Methodist Church

Update from the Pastor at Cass City United Methodist Church January 24, 2021

Dear Church Family & Friends:

You are all welcome to attend this Sunday’s, January 24th Worship Service at 11:00 am. You can come to church or park in our parking lot or watch on the Internet all at 11:00 am.
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The State of Michigan is working around the clock to test and treat COVID-19 patients. Below is the most recent data healthcare experts across the state have compiled. It is updated daily. (We can not confirm the accuracy of these numbers that is why you see a range in some cases.)
Covid-19 cases are up in Michigan, wear your mask when outdoors, wash your hands and social distance where possible.

Total Confirmed Cases 548,468 – 595,594
Total COVID-19 Deaths 14,291 – 15,170
Daily Confirmed Cases 1,601
Daily COVID-19 Deaths 221

Updated 01/23/2021

Grace & Continued Blessings and Prayers.

Pastor Bob Demyanovich~
Cass City United Methodist Church